Can I have my dissertation written with you?

A dissertation usually has many fathers. A permission to cheat is not.

Dissertations leave the familiar scientific terrain, which is quoted only for the sake of quoting: They should go beyond the state of literature, make their own investigations and bring new insights to science. But above all – and this should be the main motive for writing the dissertation – she should bring the doctor title to her author.

Some aspirants are quite willing to ignore ethical considerations and to hire a ghostwriter to write the text.

Not only does he have the necessary specialist knowledge and experience, but he is also able to independently research and bring the texts into an appealing form – provided it is a reputable ghostwriter or a reputable agency.

Whether it’s creating literature lists, researching or obtaining information in an area unfamiliar to the doctoral student, ghostwriters do the jobs on behalf of their clients, working swiftly and professionally. They do not know the purpose of the texts they have created, they do not know whether they are non-fiction, non-public studies or other types of text.

As easy as it is to supplement your own dissertation with foreign texts or to have them created in their entirety by a ghostwriter

In the case of the Auffliegens threatened legal consequences. However, the risk of being caught on dissertation fraud is low. Finally, it has to be proven that the text was not created by yourself. It also takes a lot of imagination to imagine what such evidence might look like – unlike the ease with which plagiarism can be detected today.

Many a doctoral student may have opted in the face of Guttenberg affair for the use of a ghostwriter. Just as it would probably get better for the baron.