The price war in ghostwriting – what customers need to know

Ghostwriting is known to be a discrete industry. Although the ad here and there seems a little striking, little is known about the secret scribes and their work.

A new customer can therefore judge in advance, whether a ghostwriter is worth its price, whether the text delivery as agreed and whether the text meets the criteria.

Reputable ghostwriting agencies have the right people for many departments – people who have been working for them for years or decades. In this way, a relationship of trust is created that benefits the customers in particular: sloppiness, negligence or even plagiarism have no chance, because they would inevitably lead to the immediate termination of the employment relationship.

What does the pricing look like?

Quality in the academic field is not to be had for 10 or 20 euros per page, because the authors of reputable agencies are people who have academic degrees and would not work for a student fee. Why are there still agencies offering such prices? It can be assumed that their mediators are trying to appeal to students who want to earn something. For customers, this means that it is a lottery game that could end up with a text of uncertain quality that has been hastily copied from the internet and that lacks source references. Because the authors hardly have the experience that is the indispensable basis of any scientific writing.

If you want to be sure to get high-quality text, do not get involved in such gimmicks and better engage reputable agencies that have been on the market for a long time.

These can not only ensure that the text has the necessary scientific standards, but are also with words and deeds to the side, if the customer has questions or wants to see sophisticated special requests implemented.